Wooden Buddha Statue – Remarkable Variant of Indian Handicrafts
08.08.2014 17:29

Indian handicrafts are worldwide famous for their elegant designs and amazingly carved shape. These are available in different varieties. As there is diversity in climate and culture in this country, the carving techniques and use of raw materials vary in different parts of it. Every Indian state is famous for its unique artworks. For example, Jaipur is famous for blue pottery, Gujarat for handloom work, Saharanpur for wood craft, and Orissa for metal work etcetera. Because of diversity, there is lot of variants of handicrafts available in Indian market. Among these, sculpture is huge demanded variant.

Sculpture is used for both decoration and worship purpose. It has been inseparable part of Indian handicrafts for a long time. These are manufactured from different substances such as marble, wood, metal, stone, and clay etcetera. Stone was widely used material till others came in trend with development of tools and techniques. Since wooden items are easier to handle and these gives stylish look, various sculptures made from wood are gaining popularity these days. There are various wooden handicrafts suppliers available providing such products in both international and domestic market.

Indian Handicrafts

As worshipping idols of gods has been tradition of our culture, these are being manufactured in significant amount for a long time. Wooden idol of Lord Buddha is popular one among these. This statue is a remarkable example of wood carving. It is entirely handmade from high quality material. Its unique design is done by expert artisans of Rajasthan. Lord Buddha is seated on lotus base in this statue. To make it look shining, there is smooth buffing polish done on it. It is available in 8” height which makes it ideal for placing it in shelf or on table. This remarkable variant of Indian handicrafts will make relatives appreciate you. Since it is symbol of peace and prosperity, you can gift it on festive and wedding occasion.

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